Angels With Me Rescue founder always loved pets, but after witnessing a tragic accident where a careless driver hit a dog and let him die on the street, she decided to take action helping vulnerable animals and got involved in a local rescue.

She helped transport, foster, and donate money to save animals from shelters or from owners who for different reasons were unable to care for their pets. Over the years, her passion intensified and, with little resources, decided to start in 2017 her own nonprofit organization, “Angels with Me”.

Our goal is to focus in helping the most unfortunate, less desirable dogs due to their old age, blindness, or other qualities that make them not wanted or less attractive for adoption. We dream of having a sanctuary where pets can live their last days with dignity and love. “We are aware that many organizations are working hard to rescue pets and place them in a good family, but there is a great need to find people who have great compassion for dogs who are old, mixed breed, very sick or handicapped. These are the harder to give in adoption,” the founder states. Most people look for the nice, fluffy dogs or puppies. The ones left behind are the less adoptable usually being euthanized.

“It breaks my heart when a dog is not wanted. I don’t have children at this moment, but I believe happiness is being a wonderful fur mom. It means giving love, attention, and caring for the voiceless ‘Unconditionally,'” our founder proudly said.

Our founder’s regular job is working with children. She feels attracted to take care of kids who are also innocent and vulnerable and are in need of lots of affection. Her heart is big enough to love animals and humans alike. She also enjoys reading and practicing martial arts.

Donations will someday help her build her dream sanctuary or afford to rent and open a local rescue. Sometimes it’s very hard for Angels With Me to have enough funds to buy food and other needs for the dogs/cats while waiting for a good adoptive parent. We are asking for your help to save furry angels that can make a difference in the lives of people in distress, war veterans, children, etc. We want to thank you in advance for your generous donation.