Unfortunately, many people feel dogs or puppies that end up in rescues are all unhealthy or not friendly. It is not uncommon to get dogs or Cats that have outlived their usefulness or the novelty of that cute puppy has worn off or simply the pet owner did not really consider the time, effort and expense needed to be a dog owner.

Adoption Process

Rescues such as Angels With Me, will help foster, give medical attention until a suitable adoption family is found. We evaluate the dogs and cats before accepting him/her (medically, behaviorally, and for breed confirmation). We care for the animals and adopt the animal only when he/she is ready and to a home that matches and is realistic about the commitment necessary to provide the dog or cat with the best home possible.

How do I adopt?

Once you/your family have decided to adopt a pet, you first need to determine what would be the best fit for your lifestyle, a senior animal, young, or a puppy and whether you’d like to adopt one or more.

We can help you in this decision making process and will lead you through a friendly conversational adoption process in order to best match the animal with you/your family. Our goal in all adoptions is to prepare the adopter, make the best possible match for the people and the pets.
Fill in an application online and you will be called if you are a good match. Arrangements will be made with the foster home for a meet and greet.

What is the application Process?

Fill out the Adoption application, paperwork includes an Adoption Questionnaire, and possibly an Adoption Contract (if you decide to adopt a dog or cat that day). You need to fill one of the following online forms:

• Adoption Application Form
• Foster Application Form
• Volunteer Form

How quickly can I adopt my pet?

Most of our animals are adopted directly from the Foster Home through an appointment set up between the Adopter and Foster Home to view a particular animal. Pets in some cases go home with their adoptive families the same day.

How much does it cost?

The adoption fee of a dog from Angels With Me ranges between $150.00 to $300.00 (locally), and Cats start at $50 depending on the services provided. Keep in mind that the costs of sharing your home go beyond what you initially pay for the pet. Be prepared for the costs of food, supplies, vet expenses (annual and emergency), etc. We are a non-profit charitable organization so the adoption fee goes directly for the benefit of the dog or cat. This fee includes a lot.

How do I know my adopted pet is healthy?

Upon entering Angels With Me, all animals go through a veterinarian evaluation, which includes a general examination to determine/confirm age, whether it’s spayed or neutered, weight, temperature, eyes, ears, mouth, and skin. The vet also checks for parasites and vaccinates against rabies, distemper, etc.
Animals with known health problems such as roundworm are treated and are often not available for adoption until a particular treatment is concluded. Exceptions to this, such as an eye infection, are disclosed to the adopter and all medicines are sent home with the dog or puppy. All our animals are also spayed or neutered if over 5-6 months of age. If they are not, the adoption fee “includes” having the pet spayed or neutered and an Angels With Me representative will call you to arrange an appointment for your pet at our veterinarian.

What if I don’t see a pet I want to adopt?

We are constantly getting in new pets for adoption. If you’ve visited this website a number of times, you would have noticed our Available Pets page is always changing.

We Suggest…
• Entire family meets with the dog/cat before adoption
• Crate training while pups/young dogs
• Gentle, firm obedience training classes if required

Adopter Agrees…
• Adopter shall not transfer; sell give away or in any other way change custody of the dog from Adopter to any other person or entity.
• If Adopter no longer wants or cannot keep the dog, Adopter must return the dog to Angels With Me rescue services

• Adoption Application Form
• Foster Application Form
• Volunteer Form